Paws on the Trail!

March 7 Ceremonial Start of Iditarod XLVIII

Hello friends,

Dogs are on the very snowy trail for the 2020 Iditarod! Festivities began Thursday night with mushers drawing their Bib Numbers. The number 1 position is always reserved for Joe Redington who is the Father of the Iditarod. The first position in the race – drawing Bib Number 2 – was Martin Massicotte, a rookie from Quebek, Canada. Awoooooo! How exciting for a rookie to be the first on the trail. Drawing Bib Number 58 – the last position – was Paige Drobny. 

Brent Sass with his Iditarider.

Saturday was the Ceremonial Start with teams sledding thru the parks system in Anchorage. It’s a beautiful 11 miles for mushers and their Iditariders. Iditariders bid on riding with their favorite musher for this fun day. They are treated to a ride in the sled and the opportunity to get to know the musher and the dogs.

Finally – Sunday – the official start. The snow was falling hard as mushers left the starting line 2 minutes apart. (I’ll explain the differential – the difference in time – in a later post. Watch for it!) Over 3,000 paws are on the trail. Check my math to find the exact amount. 

So Graer, I am a retired sled dog and not officially running the race. I now spend my time watching  my best canine friends doing what they love to do and answering your questions about the race. If you have a question for me, e-mail me at Watch for your answers in future posts.

Tail wags,