Temperatures on the Trail

Dear Friends,

Sled dogs like cold.  We sleep outside and have wonderful fur coats with two layers.  The inner layer of soft hair is like a blanket next to our skin to keep us warm.  Guard hair is the outer layer that protects us from ice, snow, and dirt.  The ideal temperature for us to run (one of our favorite things to do) is under 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but even better, below zero.  

Two layers of hair keep us warm!

Brent Sass rode into Cripple last evening and joked, “These are nice mashed potatoes you have here!”  Do you know what he meant?  The snow is soggy and mushy like mashed potatoes!  The warmer temperatures this year is the cause.   It’s rough racing in those conditions. Have you seen mushers staying up way past bedtime, coming into checkpoints?  Why is that?  At night, it is much colder and the dogs and mushers like it better.  Michelle Phillips said she would prefer -40 degrees!  

The booties we wear on our paws get REALLY stinky in warmer weather.  Good thing we get fresh booties frequently!  

Will it cool down soon?  There may be a storm coming on the trail.

Until next time,