They Are Running!

Hello friends,

52 teams are on the trail for the 2019 Iditarod. What excitement there was at the start of the race.

Getting teams to the start line.

Typically teams start on the ice, but this year they moved the actual start line to land because of the recent heavy snowfall and some possible overflow. It was fun seeing the teams come down the hill and around the corner on their way to Nome. No, Joseph, I am not racing this year and haven’t for a few years. I have my eyes on the GPS tracker and the Insider videos, as well as updates from my friends on the trail to keep up with the race. There were many familiar musher names on the trail including Anna and Kristy Berington (Remi), Aliy Zirkle, Wade Marrs, and Matthew Failor. There are also 10 rookies who are hoping to make it all the way to Nome on their first try. I’d love to name all the canines, but there are too many! (14 x 52 = ? . . . you do the math).

Out on the trail both veterans of the race and rookies can expect many adventures. They will cross mountain passes, rivers, and even a piece of the Bering Sea. Many animals will watch them pass including moose, caribou, and wolves (my personal favorite animal Emma). Teams need to be particularly aware of moose on the trail because they can sometimes attack teams since the dogs resemble one of their predators. 

Check back for updates, I’ll try to get them out as quickly as my paws can type. GO TEAMS!

Tail wags,