Volunteers and Stuff at the Millennium Headquarters….

itczumachalkHello Boys and Girls,

What a fun day it was to be at the Millennium Headquarters!

The moment I walked through the lobby I couldn’t help but notice all the people.  It wasn’t JUST people I noticed, it was people and their ‘stuff’, back packs, bins of supplies, duffel bags, and lots of other equipment. 

The lobby was a busy place because all of these folks and their ‘stuff’ were in the lobby waiting to be transported to Pen Air and to be flown out to McGrath.  From there the volunteers that aren’t working in McGrath would be flown to the checkpoint that they’d been assigned to work.  I could tell that the volunteers were plenty excited about getting on the trail because everyone was chattering with excitment!

The volunteers had been told to be in the lobby at 10:00 AM and soon after that, the volunteers were divided up into groups and loaded into vehicles.  Off they went.  I gave them a howl song as they departed.

I hope you enjoy these photos of our volunteers and their ‘stuff’.

Lots of Tail Wags,


Wednesday Volunteers

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