October 4, 2015


When looking for maps of Alaska or of the Iditarod Trail, we have resources for you to use with your students!

Iditarod Trail Map:  From Iditarod’s website

This  Iditarod Trail map, both the northern and southern route map, can be downloaded and printed out. 

Map of Alaska: (Or a map of your own state)

Choose the size you’d like your map to be and print it on the appropriate number of pages.  You can also print your state map at the ‘same size, using the same number of page’ but this won’t be in scale with the Alaska map.   Click here to visit the  Owl and Mouse website to get your free state map. 

Maps to Purchase:

The Official Iditarod Trail Map as sold at our Iditarod Online Store can be found at this link. 

Larger  Map Banner;  This is a 4 foot by 6 foot vinyl map banner that can be hung as a bulletin board in your classroom.  It is a large Alaska map that shows the Iditarod Trail. This map can be used for many, many years!   Learn more at this link.