Messages From Teachers: Why Use the Race with Students?

I am the speech therapist for middle & high schoolers with severe disabilities.  (Grades 6 – 12) My teaching area is Speech Language Pathology.

Our goal is to promote communication to gain information that is motivating to our students. Most of our students are non-verbal so in order to use their communication devices they need to be motivated. The Iditarod has helped with this greatly.

I wrote the education department for the musher’s addresses because now I would like them to use their skills to communicate with the mushers.

We made 2 quilts this year. One for the family of Susan Butcher and the other to a greyhound rescue organization (local) as a fund raiser through being inspired by Zuma’s contribution to the website.

From Laurie in Kentucky


Most of my students are Mild Cognitive Impaired and/ or Autistic.  Writing is very difficult for them but they always look forward to this assignment in hopes of hearing back from their musher. I love to teach about the Iditarod and students that I had thirteen years ago can still tell me the name of the musher that they followed and some even tell me that they follow the race every year.  It is very exciting for me and for my students, past and present.

Tamara in Michigan