Another Great Day at Summer Camp!

Today we toured the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer.  We enjoyed walking through the fields learning about their history and see them in action! Interestingly, the musk ox have made a return to Alaska after becoming extinct to these lands in 1865.  With the help of Greenland in 1930, thirty-four musk oxen were brought back into the state, and today there are an estimated 3,000 living in Alaska. 

These furry friends look like the bison, however, are related to goat and sheep versus the cow family.  They have two layers of fur, an outer coat (guard hair), and a warm undercoat called the qiviut.  The qiviut, once shed, can be used to make scarves, hats, and other garments. It is unbelievably warm and soft!


After the Musk Ox Farm, we traveled to Seeing Double Sled Dog Racing Kennel, home of Anna and Kristy Berington.  It was a pleasure meeting them and learning about their kennel.  We got a chance to play with the dogs, and even meet their new puppies. 

Our field trip ended at the Knik Museum.  This museum is located on the Iditarod Trail and is home to many historical pieces of the race. 


Our day ended back at Dream a Dream and a sneak preview of an amazing film about George Attla, champion sprint dog musher.  Keep your eye out for this movie in December!

 More tomorrow from Summer Camp 2019!


Teachers: The Musk Ox have many adaptations that allow them to survive in the Arctic regions. Investigate these adaptations and adaptations of other animals.