D is for…..

Tails from the Trail  ID_ _ _ _ _ _

D is for Diligence

According to Sanka W Dog diligence is “showing care and conscientious behaviors in one’s work or duties” It is being careful, persistent, and working hard.  Our mushers, volunteers, veterinarians, and dogs show diligence throughout the entire race and in training leading up to the race.  Mushers follow a rigorous training schedule that not only includes running their dogs but also caring for, feeding, and housing them. Because of the musher’s diligence, our canine athletes are some of the happiest and most cared for dogs in the world.

At summer camp, Cindy Abbott shared her experiences preparing for the Iditarod race.  She spoke about “being prepared always.” Checking her drop bags, packing booties, loading her sled strategically so she can easily grab the supplies shes need quickly. All of her diligence helps her to be successful on the trail. 


D is for D Street. 

The ceremonial start of the Iditarod begins at the corner of Fourth Avenue and D Street in Anchorage, Alaska on the first Saturday in March each year.  Musher and their dogs fill  the streets of Anchorage in preparation for the 11 mile ceremonial run to Campbell Airstrip.  It is an amazing event to attend and be part of, excited fans line the streets cheering and howling and barking dogs can be heard throughout the city.

Another exciting part of the Ceremonial Start is being an IditaRider.  IditaRiders are fans who join the mushers on the run to Campbell Airstrip.  IditaRiders sit in the musher’s sled and get front-row seats to the Iditarod adventure.  The official start of the Iditarod is the following day, Sunday,  in Willow.

Teachers: Think about the start of the race and the journey that is ahead for the mushers and the dogs.  Check out this writing lesson that has the students creatively think about the Iditarod.

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