Exploring Persuasive Techniques Through Television

[Photo Credit] Terrie Hanke

If you tell your students that their homework is to watch television, you’ll most likely be met with dubious responses and looks; however, closely analyzing television, specifically commercials, can be very valuable. Once students learn about the persuasive techniques that have been used for thousands of years, their understanding of rhetorical situations will drastically increase. Furthermore, their ability to craft arguments will be enhanced due to their understanding of audience. These are real-life skills that can benefit students for many years to come.

Analyze Iditarod, mushing, Alaskan and dog-themed commercials as a class while using this lesson. After students develop a strong understanding of the different persuasive techniques, they can apply their knowledge by creating their own commercials that advertise an original product or brand. Students love showing their videos to their classmates and expressing their creativity. Be prepared to have fun with this one! 

Iditarod Lesson- Exploring Persuasive Techniques Through Television Commercials