Flashback Photo – Heidi Sloan, 2018 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail

Sled dogs exude unbridled enthusiasm for running!

A favorite photo of mine from 2018 illustrates the sled dogs’ excitement and determination to run.  Tongues are lolling about and the cute husky smile is often seen on the dogs’ faces!

The dogs of the Iditarod are super excited to begin the race!  They pull and tug at their harnesses, hoping for the signal to GO!  Even with the musher riding the sled brake, it can take six human handlers to hold back the team while they wait.  This love of running carries through the entire race.  Some mushers have commented that after a few hours rest in Nome, their dogs look quizzically at them as if to say, “Ok. Where to today?”  When I was in checkpoints and teams would come in and stop, the dogs would continually be looking back, anxiously awaiting the musher’s signal to run!