K is for Kennel: Compare and Contrast

The Iditarod Alphabet 2017
K is for Kennel

An Iditarod kennel is a place where all the dogs call home.  There are kennels all over the state of Alaska and the lower 48.  Nature’s Kennel is located in McMillan, MI, and is run by Iditarod veteran Ed Stielstra.  The kennel is named after one of Ed’s favorite dogs, Nature.  This year there are three Iditarod teams racing out of Nature’s Kennel.  Sisters Anna and Kristy Berington own Seeing Double Sled Dog Racing, a kennel in Knik, AK.  Anna has finish the Iditarod five times and Kristy has finished seven times.

K is for Kennel

Visiting dog kennels has become one of my favorite things to do.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to visit many of them including Matthew Failor’s, Charley Bejna’s, Ed Stielstra’s, Jon and Jona Van Zyle’s, and Vern Halter’s.  Below are pictures from the different kennels in summer and winter.  These pictures can be used for a simple compare and contract activity.  I have attached a Venn diagram to go along with this activity. 

Compare and Contrast Venn Diagram

Kennels in the Summer and Fall:

Kennels in the Winter: