Like a Kid in a Candy Store!

Reese’s, the puppy, and me

Puppies, candy, and beautiful Alaskan weather- what more could one want in life? Summer Camp for teachers has finally begun and I feel like a kid in a candy store. Over the course of the next week, my home away from home will be at Vern Halter’s homestead- more formally known as Dream a Dream

The tall, endless sea of trees, fresh air, and beautiful sun are a serene gift compared to the weather back in MA. While walking around Vern’s, you are often warmly greeted by one of the many friendly dogs. Joining me and the other Iditarod staff members are several teachers who come from various parts of the country-Maryland, Illinois, Ohio, Idaho, and Pennsylvania, just to name a few! It has already been awesome being able to share and learn with one another! There is no doubt that this is going to the best week of the summer! 

One of the very first things we were able to do as a group was take the puppies for a walk through the the wooded trail. We had the pleasure of being guided by Cindy Abbott– an Iditarod Musher who has also reached the summit of Mt. Everest (one of her many notable achievements). Cindy explained that it is important for the puppies to get exercise and one of the primary goals for the daily walks is for puppies to to get used to listening to and following the commands. 


All of the puppies in this litter are named after delicious candy bars! It is common for mushers to use themes while naming their puppies! What theme would you use to guide your naming process?  Check out this great lesson which Heidi Sloan made based on naming puppies and understanding gram weights

I am thrilled to be the 2019 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™ and I am looking forward to sharing lessons and ideas with you throughout the year! Stay tuned and please join me throughout the week as I share with you the amazing experiences from summer camp!