Summer Camp June 23 – July 2

Summer Camp Teacher Conference Event runs from June 23 – July 2

This is a basic guideline and is subject to change at a moment’s notice to bring the best camp experience possible to our attendees.  This guideline outlines a schedule for the summer camp event.  Please note, additional information about speakers and other details will be added throughout this week.  Check back!

Saturday, June 23

Noon –  We’ll meet you at the Lakefront Anchorage Hotel (Millennium).  Meet us at the ‘fireplace’.  Our planned departure time is about 12:00

  • *As a reminder, please have your noon meal taken care of prior to our departure! The Lakefront serves some great food, so for those of you who are interested, meet around 11:00 AM and have a quick meal and get to know each other.  If there are any special ‘must have items’ you need for camp, be sure to bring them with – soda pop, adult beverage, candy snack, a food you can’t be without, etc.  We’ll be driving directly from Anchorage to the Dream a Dream Dog Kennel, our camp for the first 4 nights!  At this time, the only stops along the way would be scenic –  maybe we’ll spot our first moose along the way!  Keep your eyes open! 

Dream a Dream Dog Kennel

Upon arrival, remain on the ground floor in the classroom area – until all campers have arrived.  We’ll hold our first meeting.

  • Intro briefing followed by a quick facility tour.
  • Instructions for visiting the dog yard.
  • After our meeting and general announcements/introductions it will be time to “Set up Camp”-At this time, you’ll haul in your luggage and claim your ‘sleeping’ areas.  There

Session 1:  Introductions, Information/Icebreaker, Camp Logistics (Diane), and Goal Setting– Who – What- When- Where…  and why?

Break:  Activity:  Dog Yard Scavenger Hunt..   Get ready!  Set!  GO!  Get to know the Dream a Dream Dog Kennel – dogs and facility! 

Session 2: Iditarod 101 and Iditarod as a Classroom Tool (Diane)  A bit more on the who, what, when, where, and why!

6:00 Dinner (about an hour)

 Session 3:  Heidi Sloan, 2018 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail:  Oh the Places I Did Go!

The rest of the evening is social time and time for relaxation

*Times are all estimates and from this point, we’ll ‘sort of’ leave the clock behind us not working about exact time – and get on Camp Time.  We know that with your busy school schedule, the clock runs your day.  Camp is more relaxed, and you don’t need to worry about exact times for the most part! 

*Sunday, Monday, Tuesday morning routine is as follows:  Get up and get ready for the day, breakfast on your own – sort of- we’ll have the continental items placed out for you, help yourself.  “Make up your personal campsite area” *Participation in puppy walks and helping with early morning dog chores, optional (but so much fun!) and are to some extent weather dependent. We’ll participate in learning to harness dogs and line out a team, and take a ride on wheeled cart as weather allows.    If it’s pouring rain, morning activities will be altered to accommodate, so a puppy walk might happen in the afternoon if the weather tells us to make this change!  After we’re done in the dog yard, grab a cup of coffee or glass of juice and meet us in the classroom.


Morning (after the morning routine)

Session 4:  Vern Halter and the Dream a Dream Dog Kennel:  Iditarod 101:  This session will enlighten you on everything you need to know about raising, training, and running sled dogs!  Get ready, campers!  There is so ‘mush’ for you to learn!

Noon Lunch


Session 5:  Sara Lamont, presenter: Culture of Alaska

Session 6: Terrie Hanke:  Iditarod has an APP for That!

Session 7:  Campers Share It!

Session 8:  Terrie Hanke, presenter: Get Out!  Play Hard!  Earn Respect!  

Session 9:  Activity – GOPHER

Evening meal, The Dream a Dream Dog Kennel Crew/ Vern Halter is our host.  Spend the rest of the day relaxing at the kennel and working on your projects!



Session 10:  Cindy Abbott:  Cindy’s Story —  Her Adventurous Life –  Reaching Beyond the Clouds –  From Everest to Iditarod — Wegener’s Granulomatosis  Survivor.  What adventure is next? 

Session 11:  Nancy Wendt:  A “TEAM” of Ideas

Session 12:  Dana Augustine: Welcome the Iditarod with Student Engagement


Session 13:  Special Guest: Joar Leifseth Ulsom  — Joar’s Roar!  Met the 2018 Iditarod Champion and get to know the champion!   Learn about Joar’s story and discover how to incorporate his story into your classroom.

*Project:  Joar:  The Champion:  How will you introduce ‘him’ to your students?

Evening:  We will be going to Talkeetna for a meal and visit to the community area.  (Meal will be your own financial responsibility.)

Tuesday Morning in the Classroom

Session 14:  Challenge Activity Part 1 (Vern/Cindy)

Session 15:  Sara Lamont: Animals of the Arctic and their Habitat

Lunch (about 45 minutes)

Session 16:  Katie Mangelsdorf (about an hour)  Katie is a retired educator and an author. 

Session 17:  Challenge Activity Part 2

Evening Meal

* Remember to pay for your Dream a Dream lodging sometime today!

It’s Movie Night!  Relax and watch the 2019 Race Documentary, Joar’s Roar

You’ll love the new documentary!  Pop the popcorn.  Sit back!  Watch Joar Roar down the trail.

Wednesday Morning:  We’ll be departing for Breakfast at a local spot at about 7:30 – 7:45 for the start of a fieldtrip.  First stop will be breakfast at a local place —  our treat.

Visit Iditarod Headquarters and optional other ‘stops’

2:30 – 3:30:  Check in at hotel in Wasilla 

4:30 – 4:45 at the latest, (time matters for departure!) Depart for Jon and Jona Van Zyle’s Home, Kennel, and Art Gallery, expected arrival about 5:30.

Thursday Morning/Afternoon

7:00 AM – continental breakfast at “ITC EDU Checkpoint” (Room number to be announced)  Noon meal and evening meal are on your own today.

8:00:  Departure for Anchorage.  We will visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center in the morning and downtown Anchorage, including the Museum in the afternoon.  We’ll return to Wasilla following, time to be determined at the moment in time this adventure concludes.


7:00 – 8:00 Light breakfast at ITC EDU CHECKPOINT

Sessions will be at the Menard Center (Sports Complex), lunch is included, evening meal at ITC EDU Checkpoint around 6:00 PM


Brian Hickox, 2019 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail- A Preview of Brian’s Year!  Get ready to ‘watch the year’ unfold.  What are Brian’s plans and thoughts about the upcoming year?  How can your students meet Brian and work with him this year?

ITC EDU TEAM:  Panel Discussion

EACH OF YOU:  Sharing session

Lunch provided


Dr. Stu Nelson, Chief Veterinarian for Iditarod

ITC EDU Review – Website, 2019 Project Announcements:  Diane

Finish Sharing Session and Wrap UP

*6:00 ish, evening meal at Checkpoint HQ.   YUM!  Don’t miss this meal! 

Saturday, 6/30

*Light breakfast:  8:00 – 8:30

We will begin transportation to Iditarod HQ around 8:45 AM and return campers after the event.  You will be on your own for your evening meal and for your evenings ‘entertainment and adventures’.

  • Musher Sign Ups begins at 9:30
  • The ITC Annual Board meeting is at 10:00
  • Picnic – begins at noon
  • Drawing and sign up order announced – 3:00

      *If you are interested in helping take down tents/stack chairs/etc. following, please volunteer Saturday to help!   We’ll begin carpooling everyone back after the events.  You’re on your own for the evening!

 *Do YOU want to adopt a rookie?  Sign up for this amazing event!

Sunday: 7/1

Time to be announced and this schedule is tentative depending on departure time:  Light continental breakfast will be available prior to our departure for our Sunday Adventure.

Noon meal and evening meal are on your own today.

You have the following options:  Field trip prices are listed below.


  1. Portage Glacier Cruise ($39.00), $5 visitor’s center, and visit to Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, $15                     

*Possible additional hikes or sightseeing will be added to the adventure, depending on weather, time spent at each portion of the event, etc. Evening meal will be either in Anchorage or Wasilla, depending on the day’s schedule.


  1. Hang out in Wasilla on your own, or create your own day’s itinerary

Monday:  7/2

ITC EDU CHECKPOINT:  8:30 Light continental breakfast will be served.  Lunch will be on your own today.

Light Breakfast and Wrap Up Session at the ITC EDU Checkpoint

11:00 Checkout of Hotel and depart to Anchorage

Wells Fargo Bank Museum:  Anchorage