Musher Larry Daugherty Signs Up for the 2017 Iditarod

That’s right, another musher has signed up for the 2017 Iditarod!

Rule 2 allows mushers to sign up after December 1.  There are 75 mushers signed up to run the 2017 Iditarod.  The race begins the first Saturday in March and ends when the last musher crosses the finish line into Nome.


Share the news with your students.  Discuss the rule and the late fee.  Discuss why a musher might sign up late.

Larry’s Bio:

Larry Daugherty, 41, was born in Provo, Utah but raised in Arvada, Colorado until age of 13. His family then moved to Auburn, Washington where he attended high school.

He completed his undergraduate studies at Albertson College of Idaho with a degree in history. Shortly after 9/11, he accepted a job as a paramedic in Connecticut where he worked for a year prior to enrolling in the University of Utah School of Medicine, where he graduated in 2007, then completed his radiation oncology residency in 2012 at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He came to Eagle River, Alaska, in September of 2014 after working at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. He now practices at Alaska Cancer Treatment Center in Anchorage, where he treats most types of cancer with radiation.

Larry hopes to carry the Tibetan flags on the sides of his sled and take them to Nome in honor of his patients in Nome. Several weeks later he plans carry the flags to the summit of Mt. Everest. If successful, he would become the first person to complete the Last Great Race and summit the tallest mountain in the world in the same year. The flags symbolize hope, strength and well-being–a gesture Larry sends to all afflicted with cancer anywhere in the world. Larry says, “I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to my supportive wife, Prairie, and my five incredible kids, Bailey, 16, Calvin, 14, Azelea, 10, Conrad, 7, and Charlie, 5.

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