Parts of Speech and the Iditarod

Photo by Jeff Schultz/ (C) 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I can insure you that a students do writing good and communicate good. Did I just get your attention? I hope so because that first sentence does not make any cents (I couldn’t resist). The need to communicate clearly and effectively is essential.

Unfortunately, it is evident that nowadays many students lack an understanding of the parts of speech. Consequently, their ability to craft a coherent story or message suffers. There are certainly many factors that contribute to this decline in the understanding of language and the parts of speech; some of these factors include a lack or inconsistency of reading, underexposure to rich literature and lack of direct instruction of grammar in the classroom. The amount of informal writing often associated with the evolution of technology and social media has also contributed to this decline. 

In order for students to be able to succeed in formal writing, they must understand how to construct sentences that are free of grammatical and mechanical errors. Use this lesson with your students in order to review and master the parts of speech. Once students develop an understanding of the basic rules of writing and language, I can assure you that they will write well and communicate effectively.  

Iditarod Lesson on the Parts of Speech