Primary Source of the Month: September

Libby Riddles

In August, the hashtags #womenshistory and #Beyondthe19th were trending. Here’s a little bit of Iditarod #womenshistory for you and your students!

  1. Share the primary source with the students and give them some time to examine it on their own. This source is featured in the Iditarod On-Line Museum (click the photo for a larger image). Why is it so important?
  2. Discuss the source with the group. What do they notice about the object? What questions does it bring up? How could more information be gathered?
  3. Let the students explore the associated resources to discover all about Libby Riddles.
  4. As a follow up, the students could design a trading card for Libby.


Associated Resources:

“I had an agreement with myself before I left. If I take off, I’m not coming back, even it it’s crummy.”

~Libby Riddles