The Clean Up Crew

The weather plays a factor in the way a musher runs a team.  This year it has been unseasonably warm and that affects the dogs who like it much colder.  The weather also affects the flights of the vets, volunteers and the Teacher on the Trail.  The air currents on Friday were strong enough to keep planes grounded.

Because of the strange weather, I find myself behind the race at this point – even behind the Trail Sweeps (TS on the GPS Tracker).  BUT, because I’m behind I was able to learn about the clean-up of a checkpoint.  We were stranded here in Takotna Friday night so leftover food was brought out and volunteers took over.  I found myself grilling the left-over steaks the mushers missed out on.  It was a festive atmosphere because there was nothing we could do about our situation except make the best of it.  Once again, the people made it worth the stay with conversations about this year’s race and past races these great volunteers and vets have been a part of.

Saturday, while we waited for our flights out, the clean-up was in full gear.  Leftover dog food and people food was distributed to people in the village,  items that could be safely burned were thrown into the burn pile, and items that are only used once a year were put into a cupboard and locked away.  While other checkpoints are just beginning to get ready for mushers, Takotna is closed down.

The Trail Sweeps quickly ate a hamburger here and are headed down the trail.  Hopefully, the Teacher on the Trail will pass them and not meet up with them until Nome.  Thanks Takotna for a great stay!  🙂