The Insider as an Instructional Tool – April 2021

The Insider as an Instructional Tool

The mushers are off the trail once again, demonstrating incredible skill, courage, and perseverance.  What does it take to be a musher?  You might hear folks talk about dogs, sleds, equipment, etc.  but it’s what is inside that mushers need to draw on to run the Iditarod.  They need: Innovation, Determination, Integrity, Teamwork, Attitude, Respect, Optimism,and Diligence. They need the 8 Traits of Iditarod. Following are this year’s race videos that are examples of all of the qualities Sanka W. Dog wrote about in the 8 Traits of Iditarod articles.

InnovationVictoria Hardwick Battling Through March 11, 2021  

Victoria had to fix a broken sled with only what she had with her on the trail. 

Determination Mille on the Changing Trail March 12, 2021 

Mille describes now one thing after another kept coming at her, and she just kept on going and going.

Integrity: Mark Nordman Race Update March 10, 2021 

There are lots of moving parts behind the race, decisions and actions to keep the race safe.  Deciding what’s  best for the dogs and mushers and upholding all of the rules and regulations – take integrity!

Teamwork: Royer Finishes Iditarod 49 March 15, 2021  

Incredible story of teamwork with Jessie Royer and Jeff Deeter when they encounter a moose that didn’t want to share the trail.

Attitude: Tuminelli Leaving Mcgrath March 11, 2021 

Susannah Tuminelli explains how important it is to have your “head on straight” and be mentally upbeat.

Respect:  Redington Thanks Young Sponsors March12, 2021

Ryan Redington takes the time to show respect to the students who have also taken the time to do things for him.

Optimism: Will Troshynski in McGrath March 12, 2021

This is an in-person interview with Will and from the very beginning he exudes optimism and even talks about how being far back in the race isn’t bringing him down at all.

Diligence: Seavey Wins 5th Iditarod March 15, 2021

Dallas is the epitome of diligence – persistence in  hard work and effort – to get through life and become an icon in Iditarod history.