The Race to Student Success

Why use the race with your students?  Here is what teachers are saying. . . .

While reading the story Balto, my students became fascinated with the journey and challenges Balto faced on his mission. Seeing their enthusiasm, I realized the incredible opportunity for learning.

Project goals are aligned with the Florida Sunshine State Standards for the writing process. LA 3311, LA 3321, LA 3331, LA3341. Objectives include prewriting, generating ideas, determining purpose, organization using graphic organizers, editing for language conventions.

More importantly, the Iditarod is providing me, as a special educator, an opportunity to bring meaningful and relevant learning to my students. Special education students experience repeated failures when presented with “fit all” state mandated tests. This project will open up a new world for my students, where success will come not from a bubble form, but from an understanding of determination, sacrifice, hard work, and the limitless potential of the human spirit.

Eveline, Florida

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For the past several years all of the third graders at our school in California have followed the Iditarod. The students read, create graphs, write, write letters, create math problems, and complete several other activities. As a final activity the children make a computer generated Iditarod newsletter that contains news stories, graphs, want ads, advertisements, info letters, and anything else you might find in a newspaper. It is a big deal and the kids love it. As a result of all of our work, at least 3 of our students and their families have gone to Alaska to be closer to the experience.

Gail, California

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