Warning Signs on the Iditarod

Paws Along the Trail with Warning Signs

This time of year, teachers are reviewing reading and test-taking skills in anticipation or dread of the annual standardized tests.  In the midst of what can be drudgery, throw in some Iditarod articles for comprehension practice.  Motivation and engagement will soar!

One reading comprehension skill that challenges our students is inferencing; we commonly refer to these test questions as “In-Your-Head-Questions.”  Students must put text and background knowledge together to infer what’s not written.  The goal is that they realize they should always be thinking while reading, making connections.

I created an Iditarod activity with possible “Iditarod warning signs” which can be a great springboard to review the comprehension skill of inferencing.  Students view various warning road signs and determine if each would be useful or needed on the Iditarod Trail.

Warning Signs Activity