X is for X-Back Harness: Lessons from Pictures

The Iditarod Alphabet 2017
X is for X-Back Harness

The x-back harness is a type of harness that most mushers use with their dogs.  The harness is designed for speed and comfort.  The x-back keeps the harness in place, and doesn’t disrupt the dog’s gait. 

X is for X-Back Harness

The top 25 mushers have crossed the finish line, but the race is far from over.   Be sure to follow the race through the last musher reaching Nome.

Here are some picture lesson ideas for your students:

Have students list out all the shapes they see in the pictures below or the types of angles.

Pete, Aliy, and many of the volunteers in the Ruby checkpoint

Have students write a story that goes along with the picture below using the following words: teamwork, celebration, determination, excitement, and snow.

Describe the picture below.  What is happening?  What colors do you see?  What emotions does the picture convey?  Where do you think the picture takes place?

Katherine Keith nearing the end of the race.

Add thought bubbles for both Jeff King and the dogs.

Jeff King and his team at the finish line.

Come up with 10 words that connect with the picture below.

Mitch Seavey working with his team in Elim.