October 18, 2018

1994 Iditarod Race Results

Final Standings

Place Name Time Rookie Hometown Prize Money
1 Martin Buser 10d 13h 2m 39s Big Lake, AK $50,000.00
2 Rick Mackey 10d 18h 18m 14s Nenana, AK $39,500.00
3 Jeff King 10d 21h 46m 9s Denali Park, AK $32,000.00
4 Rick Swenson 10d 22h 19m 41s Two Rivers, AK $24,500.00
5 Bill Cotter 10d 22h 39m 39s Nenana, AK $21,516.00
6 Doug Swingley 11d 0h 0m 31s Simms, MT $15,000.00
7 Charlie Boulding 11d 1h 38m 6s Manley, AK $14,201.00
8 Tim Osmar 11d 3h 38m 56s Kasilof, AK $13,000.00
9 DeeDee Jonrowe 11d 4h 25m 15s Willow, AK $12,000.00
10 Susan Butcher 11d 6h 7m 20s Manley, AK $11,000.00
11 Matt Desalernos 11d 8h 53m 0s Nome, AK $9,500.00
12 Kate Persons 11d 8h 57m 29s Noatak River, AK $9,000.00
13 Vern Halter 11d 11h 34m 13s Trapper Creek, AK $9,037.00
14 Peryll Kyzer 11d 11h 48m 2s Willow, AK $8,607.00
15 Robin Jacobson 11d 13h 54m 0s Squaw Lake, MN $8,176.00
16 Dave Olesen 11d 15h 39m 15s Yellowknife, NWT $7,746.00
17 Ramy Brooks 11d 15h 41m 30s Yes Fairbanks, AK $7,316.00
18 Linwood Fiedler 11d 15h 57m 30s Willow, AK $6,885.00
19 Diana Moroney 11d 17h 21m 40s Chugiak, AK $6,455.00
20 Kenth Fjellborg 11d 17h 28m 10s Yes Kiruna, Sweden $6,025.00
21 Ramey Smyth 12d 6h 46m 10s Yes Big Lake, AK $0.00
22 Jerry Austin 12d 7h 17m 7s Saint Michael, AK $0.00
23 Ketil Reitan 12d 7h 48m 10s Kaktovik, AK $0.00
24 Bruce Lee 12d 7h 51m 11s Denali Park, AK $0.00
25 Laird Barron 12d 9h 53m 46s Willow, AK $0.00
26 Frank Teasley 12d 9h 54m 35s Jackson, WY $0.00
27 Stan Smith 12d 12h 42m 42s Chugiak, AK $0.00
28 Mike Williams, Sr. 12d 13h 13m 25s Akiak, AK $0.00
29 Lynda Plettner 12d 19h 54m 30s Palmer, AK $0.00
30 Bill Hall 13d 5h 55m 29s Trapper Creek, AK $0.00
31 Bob Holder 13d 6h 6m 39s Fairbanks, AK $0.00
32 Gus Guenther 13d 6h 20m 55s Yes Kasilof, AK $0.00
33 Terry Adkins 13d 6h 34m 44s Sand Coulee, MT $0.00
34 Jack Berry 13d 8h 9m 0s Yes Fritz Creek, AK $0.00
35 Krista Maciolek 13d 8h 58m 3s Yes Talkeetna, AK $0.00
36 Robert Somers 13d 16h 22m 0s Yes Grand Marais, MN $0.00
37 Aaron Burmeister 14d 10h 33m 22s Yes Nome, AK $0.00
38 Cliff Roberson 14d 10h 56m 32s Seattle, WA $0.00
39 Simon Kinneen 14d 16h 50m 45s Yes Nome, AK $0.00
40 Robert Morgan 15d 3h 53m 29s Yes Wasilla, AK $0.00
41 Stephen Adkins 15d 4h 33m 22s Sheep Creek, AK $0.00
42 Dave Branholm 15d 5h 55m 0s Yes Wasilla, AK $0.00
43 Bob Ernissee 15d 6h 39m 57s Yes Anchorage, AK $0.00
44 Harry Caldwell 15d 7h 25m 10s Wasilla, AK $0.00
45 Ron Aldrich 15d 9h 0m 0s Montana Creek, AK $0.00
46 Jon Terhune 15d 19h 16m 0s Kenai, AK $0.00
47 Kazuo Kojima 15d 20h 11m 4s Tokyo, Japan $0.00
48 Roger Bliss 16d 4h 4m 4s Yes Wasilla, AK $0.00
49 Bruce Moroney 16d 10h 52m 53s Yes Chugiak, AK $0.00
50 Mark Chapoton 16d 16h 17m 35s Big Lake, AK $0.00


Name Time Rookie Hometown Reason
Beth Baker 0d 0h 0m 0s Yes Chugiak, AK Scratched
Chris Converse 0d 0h 0m 0s Wasilla, AK Scratched
Lloyd Gilbertson 0d 0h 0m 0s Chatham, MI Scratched
Lisa Moore 0d 0h 0m 0s Yes Nome, AK Scratched
Catherine Mormile 0d 0h 0m 0s Knik, AK Scratched
Jamie Nelson 0d 0h 0m 0s Togo, MN Scratched
Mark Nordman 0d 0h 0m 0s Grand Marais, MN Scratched
Rick Townsend 0d 0h 0m 0s Yes Anvik, AK Scratched


Recipient Award Sponsor
Jerry Austin Joe Redington, Sr.
Beth Baker Sportsmanship Fred Meyer
Charlie Boulding Most Improved Musher Global Information Technologies
Ramy Brooks Rookie of the Year
Martin Buser First to the Gold Coast Wells Fargo
Martin Buser Winner's Truck
Martin Buser Golden Harness
Martin Buser Race Champion
Mark Chapoton Red Lantern
Bill Cotter Humanitarian Alaska Airlines
Dick Tozier & Mike Merkling Honorary Musher
Vern Halter Fastest Time from Safety to Nome
Bruce Lee Most Inspirational Musher
Rick Mackey First to the Yukon Millennium Alaskan Hotel
Jamie Nelson Sportsmanship Fred Meyer
Dave Olesen Halfway GCI
Dave Olesen Most Inspirational Musher