47 Ready to Roll

                                                                Hello friends,

Ready to roll!

Another change in the 49th running of the Iditarod is no Musher Banquet. This is sad for us because it was a fun time to meet with the mushers, have them thank their sponsors, and eat a grrrrreat meal. This was also the time they drew their starting number out of the mukluk. For the safety of everyone involved this year, the team starting numbers were chosen with a digital order generator. Awooooo! Technology! 

Aaron Peck will lead the pack of 13 women, 34 men, 12 rookies, and 35 veterans. See the full list here. Teams will, once again, leave the gate at 2 minute increments. The time differential will be made up after the mandatory 24 hour layover (See rule #13). 

Things are different this year, but it’s still exciting. My canine friends are getting their physicals and are ready to hit the trail. They have been training all year and with wagging tails will head to the start of the race on Sunday, March 7. Do you have special team you’re following? It’s time to choose!

Have a question? Send an email to askzumadog@gmail.com. I’ll answer as many questions as I can on this site.

Tail wags,