Ask Zuma!

Hello Friends,

As my paws touch the computer there are 30 days until the 2019 Iditarod begins.  Aaah-ooooooh! My canine friends can’t wait to get their paws on the trail. There are currently 52 mushers starting with Cindy Abbot through Aliy Zirkle getting ready to run the race. Their drop bags have been filled and are being sent to Anchorage where the Iditarod Air Force will get them to checkpoints out on the trail. It’s time for you to choose your favorite musher and prepare yourself for cheering them on.

While all of the humans here at Iditarod Headquarters scramble to get the last minute things ready for the race, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to ask me some questions. I’ll put the questions into my dog dish and pull out a few to answer. Because we are so busy here, I won’t be able to answer them all, but I’ll try my best to answer many.  Are you ready? I’m excited to find out what you are curious about. My address is:

Tail wags,