Even More Changes

Hello friends,

Amazing athletes!

In a year with a pawful of changes, another one was announced today. Alaska’s interior has had a LOT of snow the past few days and the trail breaking crew was having a difficult time creating a well marked trail.  For the safety of everyone, including our trail breaking volunteers, the decision was made to have the teams make their way back to Deshka Landing from the checkpoint of Iditarod. This means the 850 mile race is now an 832 mile race. What a race!

Now for some Zuma questions. Jaida wants to know who I think will win this race. Jaida! I have NO IDEA! So many of my K9 friends are on grrrrrreat teams. Every time I look at the GPS Tracker the lead changes. Teams move up in the ranks, then fall behind. Some have taken their 8 hour layovers, and some are into their 24 hour layover. We should know a winner sometime this week-end.

Addison wants to know how many people can race at a time. Many teams start the race each year, but not everyone finishes. As far as I can tell, the most teams to start the race was in the year 2008 when 96 teams started and 78 finished. The most to finish the race was in 2008 when 78 teams crossed under the Burled Arch in Nome. Awoooooo, thanks for the questions Jaida and Addison.

If you have a question, email askzumadog@gmail.com. WHAT A RACE!

Tail wags,