Slip Sliding Away

Dear Friends,

The Iditarod teams are definitely in a race!  Did you know they have a secret to make their sleds glide easily in the differing snow and ice conditions?  It is called runner plastic.  Mushers will carry various colors and types of coiled up plastic they can slip over the runners of their sled.  One color will grip the glare ice so the sled doesn’t slide sideways.  Another color works better in warmer wet, sticky snow;  one also helps the sled in dry snow.

If you put runner plastic into a search on the computer, you can find out about all the runner plastics mushers can choose from.  From the conditions you are reading about from the trail this year, which would be the best to carry on the sled?

Almost finished adding the green plastic to the runners

Enjoy the race and watch the sleds slip and slide down the Iditarod Trail!