Heading Back

Hello friends,

Aaron Burmeister Hustles on Through Nikolai

All teams still racing are now facing in the same direction heading to Deshka Landing. The leaders continue to change during the course of the day making for an exciting finish. As of this writing the top 3 teams of Dallas Seavey, Aaron Burmeister, and Brent Sass are within 4 miles of each other. Awoooooooo! What a race!

Even though they now are all facing the same direction, Mrs. Maloney’s 2nd graders want to know how teams pass each other when they meet on the trail. You’re right 2nd graders, the trail isn’t very wide in some places. This is the time when the K9s need to listen to the mushers and take turns on the trail. If there is space to pass, the teams need to stay focused on moving forward and ignore the team heading the other direction. I haven’t heard of any problems yet, but when the race is over I’m sure there will be stories of passing. If my keen ears hear anything, I’ll post it here. Thanks for the pawsome question 2nd graders.

Wearing his dog coat on a chilly morning

Linda S. wants to know if dogs stay in the same position during the entire race. Yes and no. Some dogs perform best next to their favorite K9 pal so they stay in their position. Other dogs shift positions during the race. The humans on the team are great at “reading” the dogs and are aware of the need to change a dog’s position. 

My eyes will be focused on the GPS tracker as the leaders race to the finish. Keep watching! If you have a question send an email to askzumadog@gmail.com.

Tail wags,