Hey Teachers, Chicago Is Going to the Dogs!

Hello Friends,

It’s finally fall and my canine friends are gearing up for winter running. We love it when the leaves turn and frost is in the air. Our 2 layers of dog hair (that we seem to shed ALL the time!) keep us nice and toasty as we wait for the first snowfall.

This message is primarily for the lead dogs in the classroom – the teachers. There is an upcoming Teacher Conference in Chicago on Saturday, October 19. Many lessons will be shared and there will be a visit from Charley Benja! Awooooooo! More information can be found here: https://iditarod.com/edu/iditarod-regional-teacher-events-to-be-held-in-chicago-and-colorado-springs/

Come on teachers! Take a day to join other teachers who share your interest in Iditarod Education.

Tail wags,