Rookie of the Year

Hello friends,

Millie with dogs Piper and Phoenix

With my friends Piper and Phoenix in the lead, the team of Mille Porslid captured Rookie of the Year. What’s a rookie? That is a musher who has never run the Iditarod. While Mille has never been in The Last Great Race, she has plenty of dogsledding experience. When interviewed after crossing under the Burled Arch, Mille admitted she made many mistakes during the race, but also said the whole experience was magical. The team finished in 15th place in 10 days, 1 hour, and 43 minutes. Awooooooo! Way to go Piper and Phoenix! Read more about Mille and some of her adventures here. Also, if you would like to get to know her, listen to this Husky Talk podcast. It’s grrrrreat!

Tail wags,