Sharing Dogs

Dear Friends,

Did any of you choose one of the Seeing Double Sled Dog Racing mushers to follow in the 2021 Iditarod?  

Kristy and Anna Berington have been favorites for students to follow because, being identical twins, they get noticed! Kristy has been racing since 2010.  Her best finish has been in 16th place.  She encouraged her sister, Anna, to start racing.  Anna began in 2012, and her best finish has been 17th place.  When they race, they typically stay together.  In 2018, Kristy ran closely with her husband, Andy Pohl, and Anna went on alone, but these twins’ names are usually together on the GPS tracker.

They run their own kennel, training their dogs. When they race, they divide up the dogs.  Just like other sports, there can be an A team, the better athletes, and a B team.  Which sister has the most talented dogs on her team?  Kristy apparently got the A team, but shared some strong leaders with Anna.  We will be watching to see if they stay together on the trail or one goes ahead!

Kristy coming into a checkpoint

The sisters work together and race together.  Will they this year?  Keep your eyes on the GPS tracker!

Until next time, 


The Berington twins signing autographs in Nome