Stuffing the Sled

Dear Friends,

I wrote about the mushers packing their sleds with things for us sled dogs, but what do the mushers need?  If you go to, Race Center, Information for Mushers, and then 2021 Iditarod Rules, you will see a list of what MUST be on a musher’s sled at all times.  In fact, when the teams ride into a checkpoint, a volunteer “checker” has a checklist, and all of the mandatory items must be shown.  Even at the finish line, before a team can be announced that they are finished, the sled bag must be opened and all of those items have to be there!

There are other practical items mushers must also bring for their own health and comfort.  Can you look at the photos and see which are required and which are just important for a human’s health?

Lastly, mushers often vacuum seal their food.  It needs to be thin so it can thaw quickly when dropped into the melted snow in the cooker.  Look at this snack!  Would you like to eat it while mushing down the trail with your dogs?


The race starts soon, and the sleds will soon be packed and ready to go!


Until next time, this is your canine reporter,