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Sebastian Schnuelle is a Canadian dog musher and dog sled racer from Whitehorse, Yukon, who won the 2009 1,000 mile Yukon Quest sled dog race and finished the Iditarod in 2nd place a few weeks later. Schnuelle is fluent in English, French, and German Schnuelle was born in Wuppertal, Germany.

Dog Training Time

Hello Iditarod fans. Good thing that summer is over, right? October has arrived. That means dog team training time has arrived in earnest for those teams, signed up to compete in Iditarod 44. In some parts of Alaska the end of September has offered some very early snow. Fairbanks has received 2 major snow storms …

Mackey Brothers Finish Together

4 teams came down front street almost one right after another. First was Jason followed by Lance a few seconds later. Then Rick Casillo and Timothy Hunt. It was a very emotional finish for the Mackey brothers. It was nice to see all the mushers come out to pay their respects to the great 4 …

Seth Barnes 35th into Nome

Rookie Musher Seth Barnes pulls into Nome with 11 dogs and they looked great! sorry for the lousy pics at the finish, I had to use my pocket camera, Seb was out on the trail taking good ones  Here are Sebastian’s from the trail heading into Nome

Charley Benja is 34th into Nome


Justin Savidis is in Nome

Justin just finished his 5th Iditarod in 33rd place. His wife Rebecca was there to greet him with a big hug! I asked him how the race went and he said he was happy. There was a lot of very cold temps early on in race and a lot of wind storms on the coast …

The Berington Twins 28th and 29th in Nome

Anna and Kristy Berington traveled much of Iditarod 43 together. It is no surprise that they arrived in the finish chute pretty much at the same time.  Kristy loaded a dog a few miles out, that made for the difference. Both talked about how diligent they had to be as mushers, during the cold temperatures, …

Cold Night on the Ice. Report from Koyuk

After having tried unsuccessfully trying to catch a flight back to Koyuk, the next best thing was to talk to mushers on the checkpoint phone. Snowmachining back is 170 miles one way from here, that is why I opted against it.  Chuck Schaeffer was matter of fact about the cold night out. He left in …

Paige Drobny and Scott Smith racing for 26th and 27th

Greetings from Nome again. Two good friends, who have been traveling together for a while, have been racing each other to the finish line for 26th and 27th place. They had left White Mountain 2 minutes apart with Scott leading, they left Safety in that order and then shortly before the ramp into Nome it …

Nathan Schroeder Finishes 24th

Nathan has just finished his 2nd Iditarod. Last year he was “rookie of the year” Congratulations Nathan, welcome to Nome. He talked about how his run from Unalakleet on was very tough, after dropping some key dogs

Richie Diehl 23rd into Nome

Richie Diehl from Aniak, Alaska just finished his 3rd Iditarod.