T is for…..

Tails from the Trail- IDIT _ _ _ _

Volunteers helping mushers to the starting line. Teamwork!

T is for Teamwork

According to Sanka W Dog, teamwork is “A group of people and/or animals working together to achieve a common desired goal.” There are so many examples of teamwork before, during, and after the Iditarod, really throughout the entire year!  The mushers and dogs work together as they prepare for and travel along the trail.  The pilots work together to safely transport food, dogs, volunteers, etc… along the trail.  The volunteers work together to make each part of the race run smoothly.  The people of Anchorage and all the checkpoints along the trail work together to welcome the race and provide encouragement to the mushers, dogs, and volunteers along the trail.  This list can go on and on.  In order for the Iditarod to be successful each year everyone involved works as a team.

T is for Teacher on the Trail™

The Teacher on the Trail™ program is an amazing opportunity for teachers to truly teach beyond the walls of the classroom.  “The Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™ program is a unique opportunity for one selected educator each year, to enter into a one-year agreement to teach beyond the traditional classroom walls via the Internet and to be involved in a project that reaches students around the world. “(Diane Johnson)

The Teacher on the Trail™ program was developed by Andrea “Finney” Auf der Heyde in 1998.  Finney was the first-ever Teacher on the Trail™ in 1999.  Since that time each year, a teacher takes to the trail to provide real-life, real-time news and standard-based lessons in every curricular area, to classrooms around the world.  Follow this link to learn more about this amazing program and apply to be the next Teacher on the Trail™.


Teachers: We all work with some amazing teachers in our districts.  I feel especially lucky to have such a wonderful group of teachers I work with every day.  Teamwork is essential! Check out the following One School One Read activity that took teamwork to create.