Virtual learning with Husky Homeroom – Part 2

SP Kennel mushers, Aliy Zirkle and Allen Moore, with Iditarider in 2020 Ceremonial Start

Aliy Zirkle of SP Kennel has now posted five lessons in Husky Homeroom.  Aliy is an enthusiastic teacher and her canine teaching assistants are very happy helpers.  The explanations Aliy offers during the lessons are easy to follow.  Her examples create clear pictures of the concepts she is sharing.  Here are mini Socratic summaries of each lesson.  Pick a topic that’s of particular interest and watch the 20-minute lesson at or watch them all and share them with your students.  Be sure to watch the supporting video clips.  They are humorous, AND informative.   Dogs are really amazing and Aliy helps us appreciate their physical traits through the virtual lessons of SP Kennel’s Husky Homeroom.  Don’t miss a single virtual lesson from Husky Homeroom.  Aliy posts a new lesson on Monday and previous lessons are available to view as you have time.  Guaranteed you’ll fall in love with Aliy’s teaching style as well as her very enthusiastic assistants.  You’ll come away knowing a lot more about dogs and humans than when you started.  Have fun!  Use this link to find the lessons at Husky Homeroom

Lesson 1 – Science and Dog Anatomy  Violet and Nomex are on hand (paw) to help Aliy compare a dog’s anatomy or body structure to a human’s anatomy.  In what ways are dogs and humans alike?  How has the anatomy of the sled dog evolved or changed over time?  What change took place in dogs due to needing speed to survive? 

Lesson 2 – Science and Body Temperature  With the help of Decaf and Amber, Aliy shares information on body temperature.  Did you know that humans and dogs have different ranges of normal body temperature?  Do you know how our bodies create heat?  Do you know how our bodies regulate temperature?  What does having a “fever” mean? 

Lesson 3 – Alaska Geography  In this lesson, Scout, Nacho and Aliy lead viewers on a study of Alaska geography.  What do maps and globes tell us?  Find out how many miles Scout and Nacho have raced in their combined careers and compare that to the distance around the earth at the equator.  How does latitude and longitude help us find specific locations?  Lastly, Aliy takes viewers on a tour of some really groovy places in Alaska by dog team.

Lesson 4 – What’s that smell?  Sparky and Cloud lend their noses as Aliy explains the amazing sense of smell a dog has.  What are the parts of the olfactory system?  Who has a better sense of smell, dogs or humans and why?  Why is moisture important for a dog’s nose?  What do scent receptors do?  Why do dogs sniff at everything?  What does it mean that dogs sniff in 3D?  Can a dog smell the passage of time?    

Lesson 5 – Nutrition 1 – Dogs  Chipper and Driver pitch in as Aliy shares the first of a series of lessons on nutrition.  How are dogs fit enough to run and race?  How does the food we eat contribute to being healthy and happy?  What are the six nutrients that are essential to a healthy happy body?  Does food equal fuel?  How does a dog drink?  What food should a husky eat?  How much should a husky eat?  What is a calorie?  What is a calorie master plan?  How is a premium dog food created?