Virtual Learning with Husky Homeroom

Adapting: being able to adjust to new conditions.  Mushers have been doing that ever since dogs pulling sleds became a means of transportation.  Over the past six months we’ve become very adept at adapting every aspect of our lives.  Virtual learning is a way of adapting.  Aliy Zirkle and Allen Moore of SP Kennel have stepped up to the challenge of staying connected with students even though they can’t do it in person.  Zirkle and Moore in conjunction with sponsor, Matson, have developed Husky Homeroom, a virtual education program.

Violet and Aliy interviewed by Kim of KTUU.

In the Husky Homeroom introduction video available on the SP Kennel webpage Aliy says, “We are excited about education.  We are excited about learning. Living is learning. Life is an adventure. We always learn from our experiences.”  With the help of some of the SP Kennel superstar athletes, Aliy and Allen will deliver lessons based on their experiences.  Content areas of mathematics, science, geography, history and healthy living along with Alaskan history and culture will be explored in the Husky Homeroom.

Lesson One: Science and Dog Anatomy (aka: What makes dogs dogs?) is available at under the Husky Homeroom heading.  Students explore the differences between dogs and humans and investigate animal adaptations and the important role these adaptations play in survival of the species.  While it sounds complicated, it’s guaranteed to be fun with Aliy and Allen and the support of a couple of their extraordinary Alaskan huskies, Violet and Nomex.

Aliy says, “The lessons are evolving because of our continued interest in dogs.  But I also think they will be lessons that touch on what’s going on in our world today.”  How does a dog become a teaching assistant for a lesson?  Aliy responded to this question saying, “Dog teaching assistants are chosen because of how cute they are that day.”  Aliy and Allen are very grateful for Matson’s sponsorship of Husky Homeroom.  Aliy praised Matson saying, “Matson is a long term sponsor and after we told them our ideas for this program, they asked how they could help.”

Husky Homeroom lessons are certain to be enjoyable learning experiences for both students and teachers in the ever-evolving learning environment. These standards based lessons are sure to motivate students and capture their interests in a virtual, hybrid or in person learning setting.  Check out the Husky Homeroom at by using this link.