White Mountain


Wednesday, March 13 was another crisp, clear day in Nome, Alaska.  I was just about to write my post for the day about the winning teams, when my friend and pilot Marty asked if I wanted a ride to White Mountain to deliver some items and pick up dropped dogs.  Hmmmmm – YES!

White Mountain is a beautiful little village on a hill overlooking the Fish River. DSC_3967Once again I was met by friendly volunteers, coms people and vets.  The winners may be in, but there are still mushers on the trail.  Matt Failor was there trying to massage the feet of one of his dogs.  All the dogs were enjoying their 8 hour mandatory rest on the river with the sun shining.  4 dogs had been left behind by previous mushers and needed a lift to Nome so we loaded them in the plane and took off.

Friend and former Teacher on the Trail, Terrie Hanke told me about the term “severe clear”.  Today, like the past 2 days, is severe clear.  You can see for miles and not understand how far you are looking.  It’s an amazing view with theDSC_4013 Alaska expanse.  Miles and miles of mountains meeting the sky. Severe clear could work anyplace on earth, but in Alaska it has a life of its own.

There were a few added bonuses on this trip.  After seeing 2 moose on take off, Musk Oxwe had a few more surprises on this flight.  The first was a herd of musk ox.  Wow!  Next we spotted caribou.  So Rowen (student who always asks if I have seen any animals) I saw lots today.  What a treat.  Thanks Marty and safe travels back home.