Dreams Take Courage

Hello friends,

Laura Neese checking into Ruby.

Walt Disney (you know – of 101 Dalmatians fame) said, “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” While the top 42 teams of Iditarod are into Nome, there are still 22 teams out on the trail. They weren’t in it to win it, they were in to try, to experience the thrill of finishing The Last Great Race. 

The 42nd team to cross under the Burled Arch in Nome was our friend Laura Neese. 20 year old Laura has been dreaming of Iditarod for 6 years. We followed Laura as she prepared her Drop Bags from where she trains at Nature’s Kennel in Michigan.  She was all smiles as she came into Nome with family and friends there to greet her. Laura had a dream, and followed through. Woowoowoooo!

Laura Neese under the Burled Arch.

Let’s not forget about the 22 teams still out on the trail. Those K-9 athletes are working hard, many of them learning the trail for the first time. Howls to all of you who have the courage to run this race!


Tail wags,