March 17, 2017 Evening Update

Hi Boys and Girls,

It’s Friday!!!! Hard to believe that the Ceremonial Start was two weeks ago. How time flies! Thirteen teams are still out on the trail. It looks like the back of the pack will be in Nome by Saturday. Isn’t that great? Let’s howl them on! If we howl loud enough, I bet they’ll hear us!








FINISHERS-(since last post)

  1. Jodi Bailey
  2. Larry Daugherty
  3. Geir Idar Hjelvik (picture on left is of Geir in Nome)
  4. Charley Bejna
  5. DeeDee Jonrowe
  6. Gunnar Johnson
  7. Justin High
  8. Dave Delacourt
  9. Justin Stielstra

Next 5-

  1. Trent Herbst – out of Safety
  2. Kristin Bacon – out of Safety
  3. Misha Wijes – out of White Mountain
  4. Zoya DeNure – out of White Mountain
  5. Joe Carson- in White Mountain

Rookie Report

There are 7 rookies still on the trail. Misha Wijes is out of White Mountain. Joe Carson, Thomas Rosenbloom, and Michael Baker are in White Mountain. Jimmy Lebling, Paul Hansen, and Peter Reuter have left Elim.

Red Lantern Position

Rookie Peter Reuter has left Elim.


No one

Trail Tales

This is a picture taken by Jeff Shultz of Justin Stielstra and his team.  They were on the trail, 5 miles from Nome.  The winds were blowing at 20 mph and snow was blowing across the trail.  Isn’t this a great picture? 







White Mountain- It is 11 degrees, cloudy, with calm winds

Nome- It is 6 degrees, cloudy and 18mph winds

Question of the Day

The teams that have finished are all still in Nome. How come? And what are they doing in Nome?

I’m going back to my computer to watch for updates. Have a great evening.

See you on the trail,