Sanka’s Race Challenge – How Many Booties?

How many booties will a musher need for the Gold Trail Loop?  Assume a musher will put new booties on at the start and when leaving every checkpoint.  The musher is starting with 14 dogs and plans to finish with 14 dogs.  Remember that a musher is required to carry 8 booties in the sled for every dog in the sled or in use (Rule 16).  Booties will be needed between checkpoints after going through overflow and for booties that fall off while running.  Suggest having a double rule 16 supply in the sled when leaving the start and resupplying at least one rule 16 supply at each checkpoint.  What do you come up with?  

Answer to Buying Booties

At $3 a bootie, 1,000 booties can be purchased.  At the quantity discount of 250 booties for $425, 1.750 booties can be purchased.  The cost using the quantity discount would be $2,975.  Eight additional booties could be purchased at $3 each.  The total expenditure would be $2,999 for 1,758 booties.