Homophones: Sounds Alike Story about Jeff Schultz – Official Race Photographer

Here’s another story using several homophones. Can you select the correct word? Do your best to decide which homophone is correct. After you’ve given it your best shot, click here to see the correct choices. 

(There-their-they’re) sat Jeff Schultz editing the (pictures-pitchers) he’d taken of mushers and (there-their-they’re) dog teams that day. Jeff is the official Iditarod photographer. (There-Their-They’re) fortunate he photographs the race. On the table not (two-to-too) far away was a (picture-pitcher) of Tang. As he worked, Jeff reached (four-for-fore) the (picture-pitcher) (two-to-too) (poor-pour) a glass of the orange beverage Joe Redington loved. Every checkpoint gets (two-to-too) cases of Tang (four-for-fore) mushers (two-to-too) enjoy. Mushers drink water and coffee (to-two-too).

Suddenly (there-they’re-their) was a scurry of activity. People dashed outside (two-too-to) (see-sea) the northern lights. (Its-It’s) not unusual (two-to-too) (see-sea) northern lights during Iditarod but this was (to-too-two) (nights-knights) in a row. (Knight-Night) number (too-to-two) (seamed-seemed) (two-too-to) (bee-be) another (grate-great) display. Everybody was thinking, (ware-wear-where) is my camera, my tri-pod and my coat? It was cold that (knight-night), (so-sew) (ewe-you) (would-wood) want (two-too-to) (where-wear-ware) warm clothes.

(Read-Red), green and purple flames danced across the sky above the (fore-for-four) (plains-planes) anchored at the McGrath airstrip (for-fore-four) the (knight-night). The predominant color of the aurora was green. (It’s-Its) reflection made the snow look green.

(Eye-I) (new-knew) little about shooting the aurora and some of my photo (where-ware-wear) was (knew-new). Jeff Schultz set up his cameras quickly. It (wood-would) take me (for-four-fore) times as long. Jeff gave me (sum-some) pointers. My (pitchers-pictures) were awesome. He was my hero, my (night-knight) in shining armor.

(You’re-Your) camera might capture different colors than what the naked (I-eye) saw. (Hour-Our) cameras might even capture different colors. (Sum-Some) cameras captured great color; others captured (pour-poor) color or (know-no) color at all.. The display lasted nearly an (our-hour). (Your-You’re) quite fortunate (two-too-to) experience multiple (knights-nights) of intense northern lights. (It’s-Its) color and dancing are (two-to-too) magical (fore-four-for) words but Jeff’s (pitchers-pictures) are worth a thousand words.

Lesson plan to be added soon.