Sanka’s Weekly Challenge: Mandatory Gear

Sanka W. Dog

What’s in the sled bag?  Every musher is required to carry some mandatory gear. Locate the race rules on the Iditarod web page. Find out what items mushers are required to carry. Some items are for the well being of the canine athletes and some items are for the safety of the musher.  Make a list of the mandatory items mushers pack into their sled bags.  You might even like to prioitize the items as to importance from your point of view. 

Meredith Mapes Unpacking and Repacking – What MUST she take?

Answer to Yentna Restart Times

Anna Stephan – 0534; Ida Kohnert – 0535; Grace Hill – 0550; Anna Coke – 0557; Cassidy Meyer – 0612; Sierra Bobby – 0620; Joanna Badalich – 0627 and Bjorn Keller – 0640.