They’re All In Nome!

Hi Boys and Girls,

The last mushers just arrived into Nome. The final four came in 38 minutes apart. It’s been a busy time under the Burled Arch this afternoon. Congratulations to all the finishers.

The Red Lantern goes to Cindy Abbott








FINISHERS-(since last post)

  1. Zoya DeNure-
  2. Michael Baker- picture on left is of Michael and Matthew. 
  3. Matthew Failor
  4. Jimmy Lebling-
  5. Paul Hansen-
  6. Alan Eischens-
  7. Peter Reuter
  8. Cindy Abbott


Previous question of the day

What is the Finishers Buckle and who can receive one?

Answer question of the day

A belt buckle is awarde to each rookie when the successfully complete the Iditarod. This year 14 rookies have earned their buckle and will receive it Sunday at the Finishers banquet.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following the race as much as I have.

See you on the trail,