What A Race!

Hello friends,

What a race!! It’s hard not having opposable thumbs when I’m trying to go from the GPS tracker, to the live feed, to the race standings on my lap-dog-top. As of this writing on Sunday evening, the top teams are heading into Unlakleet, known as UNK. Wade, Nick, Mitch, Dallas – then Mitch, Dallas, Wade, Joar. BowWow! It sure is fun to watch.

Hoar Frost Covers Sleds Shipped to the Checkpoint with Drop Bags in the Background

The weather has sure been interesting in this year’s Last Great Race. It was freeeeezing cold at the beginning of the race, down to -40, but I know my K-9 athlete friends LOVE  the cold. Now, as teams head into UNK, it is about 20 degrees and foggy. That’s a temperature shift of 60 degrees!

It’s about 220 miles from UNK to Nome for the final legs of the race. The forecast along the trail for the next few days is predicted to be sunny and cold. Perfect conditions for dog teams. But, we have to remember that this is Alaska and the weather could change in a minute. Woowoowooooo! What a race!

Tail wags,