Zoom Lens: Waiting In Unalakleet

One EARLY Morning Spectator Looks into the Fog Hoping a Musher Emerges

The big news in Unalakleet this morning is the fog – Ice Fog. When fog freezes in the air and then the fog settles on sleds, grasses, trees and other objects you have hoar frost. While the visibility was good last night with stars shining, the opposite is true today – thick ice fog. The windbreak on the dragon’s back across the slough is barely visible and it’s thick with hoar frost. While the frost is downright amazing, it’s also pretty problematic when trying to stage a sled dog race.  There are mushers on the trail into Unalakleet and within a couple of hours, one will appear out of the fog to claim the Wells Fargo Gold Coast Award.

Hoar Frost Covers Sleds Shipped to the Checkpoint with Drop Bags in the Background