Zoom Lens: Aerial View Huslia

The community of Huslia, located on the Koyukuk River, has a long mushing history. Mushing families like Vent, Huntington and Attla hail from Huslia. George Attla is the winningest sprint musher of all time. Attla and Bobbie Vent participated in the very first Iditarod. Vent claimed 2nd place and Allta claimed 4th place. The School in Huslia is named for sprint musher Jimmy Huntington. George Attla became known during his mushing career as the Huslia Hustler. The Jimmy Huntington School athletes are known as the Hustlers. “Spirit of the Wind” is a documentary of George Attla’s life filmed in Huslia.

Eleven Teams resting in Huslia. Aerial Photo Courtesy of Insider