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Museum: Artifacts

We are just beginning to build up on online collection of artifacts, so be sure to stop by to see what have been added! Dog Collar Tags Turned into Zipper Pulls by Monica Zappa. Teaching Idea Trophies and Awards Armbands and Badges Iditarod Patches Trail Mail Iditarod Pins Technology Commemorative Belt Buckles and Pendants  

Primary Source of the Month: October

Our Virtual Fall Conference this month is focused on technology as teachers around the world are pushing tech to its limits dealing with distance, hybrid, and in person learning, sometimes all at the same time! Technology used by fans, students, and teachers to follow the race has certainly grown and changed over the years. Today, …

Primary Source of the Month: September

In August, the hashtags #womenshistory and #Beyondthe19th were trending. Here’s a little bit of Iditarod #womenshistory for you and your students! Share the primary source with the students and give them some time to examine it on their own. This source is featured in the Iditarod On-Line Museum (click the photo for a larger image). …

Museum: Iditarod Wall of Champions

On this page we have brought you the wall of champions from Iditarod headquarters in Wasilla, AK. (and the most recent champion photos).  Click on each image to make it larger; you’ll want to enjoy the details of each one.  Also, each musher’s name is a link to their musher profile page.  Who do you …

Museum: Dogs

Alaska sled dogs are working dogs who are well-cared for and love doing their jobs, as they have done for centuries in Arctic climates. The Iditarod is committed to celebrating these elite athletes and using lessons learned to benefit dog health for the millions of pet owners. Alaskans know the value of the sport and …

Museum: Iditarod Air Force

Iditarod Air Force is a group of volunteer pilots who freely give up their time, use their own planes, and share their years of experience. The IAF accomplishes MANY things from delivering supplies and goods to transporting people and dogs between checkpoints. The IAF has their own website. Learn about the pilots. Have students learn about the …

Museum: People

On the people museum page you will find information about Iditarod founders, volunteers, and other notable Idita-folks.   Volunteers Champions